Maraging steel production, import and export by certain states, such as the United States, [10] is closely monitored by international authorities because it is particularly suited for use in gas centrifuges for uranium enrichment ; [11] lack of maraging steel significantly hampers this process. This mechanism seems to promote ductility. These steels are a special class of low- carbon ultra-high-strength steels that derive their strength not from carbon, but from precipitation of intermetallic compounds. Modelling of Microstructure, Properties and Applications. However, they are the only company producing instrument stings from this alloy. The properties that make Maraging particularly appealing to many industries is its workability. The results of the aging procedure has recently caught the eye of golf club designers and manufacturers who have begun to use maraging alloys on the faces of their clubs in the hope that players will see increased power and that clubs will not corrode over time.

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Everyone wants the best quality set at the best value, and the type of metal may be the deciding factor. Maraging Steel alloys have been available to the golf industry for years. Due to the low carbon content maraging steels have good machinability. Two main micromechanical effects are conceivable in this context, namely: Their ability to resist various forms of stress in extreme environments has made maraging steels commonplace in the aerospace and maragng industries.

Maraging is often used in applications where high fracture toughness is required or where dimensional changes have to remain at a minimal level.

Aging refers to the extended heat-treatment process. Their uniform expansion and easy machinability before aging make maraging steel useful in high-wear components of assembly lines and dies.


This quality has made maraging steel alloys an important component of many of the air and spacecraft used today. Commercial maraging steels are carbon free madaging alloys with minor doping additions of cobalt, molybdenum, titanium and aluminium.

Maraging Steel, Golf Term

Zinc and Aluminum are generally softer and will not have the long term life of harder metals. Maraging steels are considered as the best tooling materials. Maraging Steel alloys have been available to the golf industry for years.

Ti-Alloy products are Aluminum products with trace elements of Titanium. Maraginglike other maraging steels, undergoes an artificial aging process.

Maraging Steel, Golf Term

Acta Materialia 59 We present mechanical and microstructure results on precipitation-hardened ductile high-strength martensitic and austenitic-martensitic steels up to 1.

Several have tried and failed but Maraging Power clubs were developed using a new technology patent pending that successfully bonds Maraging Steel Face inserts into wood and iron heads.

You may be shocked to hear titanium is not always the best choice of maraigng for your woods and irons.

Also, the number density of non-metallic inclusions must be reduced to an absolute minimum. Retrieved from ” https: Each maraging alloy has its own unique qualities, but many of them are used in similar applications. While the technology works in the larger driver heads today, the favorable aspects found in those oversize drivers have yet to successfully translate into the smaller fairway woods and irons.

Besides, it has higher impact strength, fatigue strength, compressive strength, toughness, ductility, hardness, and wear resistance.

I shot an 86 last week Maraging metal is a popular material for the faceplates in the highest performing woods, although, less common in today’s world you usually find it in low profile fairway woods and utility irons. Corrosion-resistance can be increased by cadmium plating or phosphating.


The benefits of maraging steels are its steel resistance to heat checking and small stresses in thermal cycling, less softening in use, less erosion and oxidation. Titanium is the most expensive material used in building golf club heads.

Maraging steel – Wikipedia

It may be more expensive, but we will explain why it is not always the best metal to purchase. Advanced high strength steels can be designed via stimulating athermal maragig during deformation such afce martensite formation or twinning in unstable austenite, or, alternatively, by introducing nanoscale precipitates. The first maraging steels introduced in the end of the s and in the s were of high interest owing to their good combination of toughness and ease of fabrication with very high strength.

Maraging is also effective in the design of power shafts and low-temperature cooling systems.

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One of the most common questions we hear about is the quality of metals in golf clubs. It is worth noting that the occurrence of two types of austenite with different stability retained, reversed leads to a broader deformation regime where the TRIP effect occurs. Upon loading, strain hardening in these materials is maraginv by combining the TRIP effect of the unstable austenite with particle hardening of the martensite.