Hey hey everyone, I’d like to do some loudness metering on the commandline. The track loudness range. The track loudness relative to full scale. Reverted back to avutil i. Added more presets for the command option: The track peak in dB. Provided an option to execute a command in addition to the build-in actions to be enabled via the “Format” drop down box.

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Support for multiple frames in a FFmpeg packet. Fixed overwriting of files. DeaDBeeF and his replaygain plugin.

The new histogram based statistics is default. Among them are maximum shortterm and momentary loudness, application of the gain to the output, i.

The number of channels. Added an option “–quiet” in order to suppress any writing to stdout.

AudioVolume – FFmpeg

Hence we updated the links and instead of quotes we introduced hard-copies. Sorry for being so vague. You should find entries ending in deps, e. I found that ffmpeg can do it, although I had to edit the configure script to build the ebur filter.


This doesn’t help me. On Fri, at A Google came up with this: Added an option “–reference” in order to define the reference loudness EBU R Requires “bumped” FFmpegi.

Audio Volume Manipulation

The complete path to the source track. I noticed the download page at kokkinizita. I do know for sure that simple gain is one of the simpler operations, so manually measuring with ebur and then using sox to apply gain should be reasonably easy.

The histogram based statistics avoids memory overflow and appears to improve performance.

EBU R normalisation plugin? – LinuxMusicians

Maybe reload the page? Ciao, — FA A world of exhaustive, reliable metadata would be an utopia. I have got something working with lots of cardboard and string.

Provided four more environment variables for the command option: Dynamically link to “swresample The base name of the source track, i. It’s also a pipe-dream, founded on self-delusion, nerd hubris and hysterically inflated liux opportunities.

The name of the oinux track including the extension. It seems to work better if I feed mp3gain the integer value, not the float. Adapt build process to latest FFmpeg.


Hey hey everyone, I’d like to do some loudness metering on the commandline. Just tried it and it works fine.

Should anyone else have problems getting that and other filters compiled: Added a “Building from Scratch” section to the documentation. Provided Linux 64 bit builds.

I need to limit the amount of data written to SD card during the process. The album loudness relative to full scale.