On the whole she is very happy indeed with the item and happy to recommend it to others. To use your monitor with Mac, you will need to install the Plug and Play driver that is offered by your Mac operating system. For information on how to install the Plug and Play driver on your Mac operating system, please contact Mac technical support. How do I obtain product service? Built in speakers are not bad for their size and the second hand price I paid for it was quite satisfactory.

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Computer Power Switch should be in the ON position.

AOC L19WH 19″ Monitor

The native and recommended resolution depends on the size of the monitor. Inspect the monitor’s video cable and make sure no pin is bent. Try adjusting the contrast, color and brightness settings. Make sure the monitor’s video cable is properly connected to the computer. Select the correct monitor model.

Check whether the batteries are working. In this case switch off one of the other peripherals. Remove plug from mains for 5 seconds then replug to power on again. Finally click on the “OK” button of your Display Properties window. Please considering updating to a recent version in order to fully enjoy it.


AOC L19WH 19″ Monitor | eBay

Computer Video Card should be snugly seated in its slot. Applying too much pressure or spraying liquids directly onto the screen or case of the LCD monitor may cause damage to the display which is not covered under warranty. This may be caused by electrical interference e. You are using an old version of Internet Explorer. Why is the display of my monitor blurred or unfocused? Select “Display a list of all the drivers” option then click Next.

After the monitor driver installation has been done, restart the computer to update the windows setup for driver installation. Good standard monitor, widescreen. You can still use the buttons at the front of your TV.

Show less Show more. The Computer Video Card should be snugly fitted in its slot.

Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Adjust the contrast and brightness settings.

AOC Monitor | FAQ

Make sure the PC is set to run the monitor at its true or native resolution. Select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Skip to main content. This may be caused by obstruction to the antenna due to high rise buildings or hills.


AOC L19WH Service Manual: Monitor Specification

For 19″ wide, recommend resolution is: Select “Specify the location of the driver Advanced ” option then click Next. All models can typically be set to 60Hz or 75Hz, with resolutions as follows. Click your right button of your mouse on nonitor desktop and click “Properties”. Select the model of your monitor on the list then click NEXT.

Performance and feature-wise, I’ve no complaints. Gently wipe the surface without too much pressure as the screen is fragile.