The current statistics say: What did the trick for me was adding the following lines: If you have other problem, let me know with more details. Where ever I touch the screen I always launch the trashcan when I release it, which indicates the pointer is always positioned in the lower right corner of the screen. So, my recommendation is that you try to find the values for the edges of your touch-screen first, no matter they are reversed, upside-down or whatever, once you understand the “size” and “limits” of it, you can start playing with the other parameters Could you please post your whole xorg.

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Back at the command line, is there an issue with this domain name?

You can also have a look at this https: If you have other problem, let me know with more details. If by chance you can no longer reproduce the issue on Lucid or if you feel it is no longer relevant, please mark the bug report ‘Fix Released’ or ‘Invalid’ as appropriate, at the following URL:. Thread 1 Thread 0xb7d4b6d0 LWP Hi 2GooD, thanks for your quick help. Ben, have you tried to follow my instructions above yet? Hi Ben, I would try playing around with these 3 values: I installed the evtouch driver but x-values seems swapped.


LSF – Divide and Conquer

Andreas Troschka signupbox said on Leyendo lista de paquetes Related Topics rlatron flatron lsf lg driver for LG L usb lg cm touch monitor. Hi folks, I have ubuntu The current statistics say:. Unfortunately Facebook and Google Mail do not play well with greylisting, as attempts that are told Service temporarily unavailable, please try later by greylisting are very likely to be retried from a different IP. Helpful 3 Not Helpful Comment Flag.

It seems the file is not used for me as it doesn’t matter what I change for example rotate or swapx to. To support either device in systems whereby the HID driver does not correctly support the touch device i.

How to install a Touch Screen

Finally, to confuse things further, the touch screen used on the Dell STT monitor is listed as a LG, Multi-touch, USB device and this is a totally different touch device altogether.

You can l1150sf run one package management application at a time. Instead, to raise the issue through normal support channels, please see:.

I must confirm that, so I login to one of my servers and run the same command:. Kiko Barcelli kikobar wrote on I tried the steps on that link, but as l1510f as I try to install the: Kiko, Thanks in advance for testing this on 9.


These were models T, T, T and – there may be others. Simply choose a support option from the icons below: As I wrote to you in https: Ubuntu xfinput-evtouch Edit question Assignee: If you are not the original reporter, please file a new bug report, so we can work with you as the original reporter instead you can reference bug in your report if you think it may be related:.

[Bug 360770] Re: evtouch: Can’t calibrate LG Flatron L1510SF

Bryce Harrington bryce wrote on Have you tried it on 9. I am sure I would never have been dwl g linux to bring up my dal without it.

Mass Stroage Device Bus Device Hi, For what kind of revision it that Open Source driver? Yesterday I noticed a problem with ssh on the Dell Inspiron Google P1510sf Browsing is built into Firefox 3so how do I disable it?