Thu Sep 16, 1: Select desired settings from the main copy screen. Productivity reports can be generated from Request 6. Setup section of this document describes this feature and the function in greater detail. I have the keycode list and the only box checked in configuration is the copy line. Safety Warnings Safety Warnings The following warnings are very important in order to safely use this product. Remove the paper portion.

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Display posts from previous: View Last View the last scanned image Rescan Rescans the last image replaces. This allows the current user 3000ss cease all KIP printer functions after the user has preformed the required copies. Users have the option to change Accounting information, Media type, Number of Originals and number of sets.

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These can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom time frame. I wish you luck! While this occurs the image will be displayed on the Operator Panel for your 300s. Look at gear that drives the roll deck upper left corner of roll deck and see if it meshes with the gear in machine this has caused machine not to transport paper into cutter area 3000 start up due to machine not being level.


By selecting a job from the Job History list, the job can be changed and resubmitted for printing. Thu Sep 16, 3: NOTE The toner may drop from the toner supplying hole, and it may scattered into the machine or on the floor if you remove the Toner Cartridge without closing the toner supplying ,ip 5.

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The details of the file are also noted, such as size type etc. In the job ticket folder, there is a job sub-folder containing text files that refer to the.

These can be access with the arrow buttons. NOTE The leading edge should be trimmed with a cutter in case of an extreme crease. Page This region is used to change the image quality settings from the automatic setting. Page 74 If a roll is already selected in Media, then the following screen appears now only requesting the length.

Press down the Lever 3 to release the paper core, and 30000s pull out the Roll Spool 2 from the paper core. You are having issues with keycodes 300s0 now the IPS number is gone and you are trying to recover it.


This is done by selecting a. Please contact your local certified service technician for configuration of this feature. This will allow the KIP to automatically determine the best image settings without any user intervention.

KIP 3000 User Manual

Values are from Fine Tight to Coarse Wide dither patterns. This value determines the size of the header, in inches.

Turning On The Kip 1 minute. Section 8 Windows Driver I forget which button right now. Place the ki edge here. Page Introduction 1.

It only has about a 2 mm mesh so a little of level front to back can cause it! Modification of the INI is to be performed with great caution. I was just simply stating that I have seen issues like that before and reseating the cards sometimes helps. To Top If a job in the list is required urgently and there are other jobs in the list prior to it, the job can be moved to the top of the queue. Jip Service Errors 3. Page Format and Sq.