With the label side of the battery pack facing down, slide it gently into the battery compartment until it snaps into place 1. Cleaning and battery maintenance Battery maintenance Cleaning your Joybook Lite 1. What should I do? When this item is enabled, the password is always required to boot the computer. The icons that were cut from the Startup folder are now placed in the folder. It accepts both mono and stereo plugs.

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Double click in the notification area at the lower deevice of the desktop, or right-click on the desktop. Backing up your system Joybook Lite model covered by this manual This manual contains the information about the following Joybook Lite model: Check all checkboxes in the dialog that follows. Select a disc type from the Disc Category drop-down menu, and then select the source of your system image file in Source Image.

BenQ Joybook Lite U101 netbook

Why is my Joybook Lite running so hot? Close the open windows to return to the desktop. There are no known problems of memory effect devicd this battery type and it is the easiest battery type to be maintained. Page 4 Backing up your system Restoring your system The Restore feature helps to bring your Joybook Lite back to its factory default settings or to an earlier state.


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Rabljen akumulator odstranite skladno z navodili proizvajalca. It is recommended that you take your Joybook Lite to the BenQ Click Start, and then click My Computer. For details, click at the top right corner to read the Help file. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. You can also click Auto in each setting and the program will set the calculated values automatically.

Using Bluetooth available on selected models The Bluetooth function allows you to get connected to various 4. You can create text files using Text Editor and Writerspreadsheets using Spreadsheetand presentations using Presentation as you would in a computer that is preinstalled with Windows operating system.


For details, please consult your network administrator. Press the Power button to start up your Joybook Lite.

Store the discs in a safe place for future use. SSD Serial number 2. Up and down arrow keys! Connect the power cord to a wall outlet. What should I do?

A list of available services supported by the connected Bluetooth device is displayed. Why does my Joybook Lite seem to turn off itself after a certain period of inactivity?

Connection I cannot connect to the Internet with the built-in network interface on my Joybook Lite.


wirwless Close all running software programs. Turn your Joybook Lite upside down and place it on a soft clean cloth. When inserting, pay attention to the direction of the memory module. For more information about recycling of this equipment, please contact your city office, the shop where you purchased the equipment or your household waste disposal service.

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i101b This book provides you the main information about various QDataTrove components in your Joybook Lite and demonstrates how to use them. Drag Click once and hold the item, and then use your finger on the touchpad to drag.

If Disk Defragmenter start itself over and y101b, it means that some hidden background software program is still accessing the hard disk.

Playing pictures on desktop Managing your appointments You can set one of the pictures stored on your Joybook Lite as wallpaper on the desktop, and play pictures in the same folder directly from the desktop.