Below are some performance benchmarks that CNet. This notebook is also a good size for business people that need to travel or just want a smallish notebook that can easily be transported between work and home. All times are GMT As a comparison, you can see below how other notebooks performed with this program and check out the thread in our forums where others have posted their notebook speeds: Even after weeks of use I keep missing that key every time I go to push it to end a sentence. However, this notebook was not made to be tossed around. Has mb of RAM.

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You re literally forced to buy an extended life battery or carry an extra battery.

For those reasons, I would highly recommend this machine. Want to run Win7 on Dell m, what HW changes are needed?

Dell Inspiron 700m Review (pics, specs)

Here s a list of included software:. My desktop runs a Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading at 3. As you can see, an ample number of ports are provided for such a small notebook.

There are some white trimmings graphiccs this notebook so it has a clean look and does borrow a bit from the styling of Apple s PowerBook. Find More Posts by Cyanide.


It will stick out of the back of the Inspiron m quite a bit though and add weight. For starters, I know this graaphics a Windows 7 Forum. Even after weeks of use I keep missing that key every time I go to push it to end a sentence.


You can likely get a set of factory recovery disks for a fee from Dell. Friends, I have dell inspiron n If I try to scroll a page just a little with the touchpad it always turns out to scroll more than I want. Watching DVDs or viewing images is a treat, as colors are vibrant and gorgeous and the contrast amazing.

This is not a desktop graaphics style notebook. Everything was pretty good up to this point, but there s no beating around the bush, battery life is below mediocre for a laptop that claims to be a traveler.

A friend of mine called the m cute. Dell Inspiron m screen view larger image.

Dell Inspiron 700m laptop video card drivers

The fact heat is not an issue is a kudos to the design of this notebook and the Pentium M processor, often times I find with smaller notebooks that the heat builds up quite a bit due to the fact all of the components are smashed together and it s hard for the heat to exhaust out. If the word format and hard drive put together scares you, then don t pay attention to what I just said. The and are of course less mobile. Below are some performance benchmarks inspieon CNet.

Good news, the optical drive is modular on the m, as is the way with most Inspiron notebooks. But to be fair, dell inspiron m graphics must consider the fact that Dell had to crunch the keys of the m into a much smaller area than IBM did for the T40, graphixs sacrifices in usability are expected in order to save on space.


I wish Sony would learn to do this with their notebooks, every VAIO I ve used has a fixed drive which means if you want to upgrade the optical drive later then it s just too bad, you can t. They don’t have a Recovery drive by the looks of things, which means i’d have to wipe everything the hardrive has manually, including programs.

Either way, the m with its small There are ways to reset the password, just Google it. You’d have to check with Dell graphhics see if they still have those battery’s in stock.

The casing is plastic and gives the impression that if it inspiorn dropped from 3ft. Good job Dell, keep those modular drives coming. So if there’s a way to clean these off I’d be glad to know. I don t have a problem just focusing on the content of the screen and ignoring reflections. It is comfortable to use on your lap, you won t burn yourself or feel uncomfortable.