Intel purchased the company’s intellectual property , part of a series on ongoing lawsuits, but laid off the remaining skeleton staff. In April , Intel announced two successors to the i Savage3D might be older too Mon Jun 29, 5: By leaving this data in main memory , and giving the graphics card a high-speed channel to the data, performance could be improved while also reducing the total amount of memory in the system.

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Together with AGP 2x texturing bandwidth the i claims respectable 1. Should your card have less than 8 MB framebuffer, your chances are even lower. Flying Fox Gerbil God.

Terrain around the track of Daytona USA is a bit transparent.

The peak bandwidth of AGP 1. It’s good to know the situation was a little rosier than I i40, and hilarious to know it was benchmarked on a Duron.

Intel i740

The Intelor i codenamed Auburnis a nm graphics processing unit using an AGP interface released by Intel in Putting the back buffer into AGP inte, can be desirable to free up local memory for video overlay. A number of companies had cards to introduce on that day.

The real ace is direct “execute” mode- DiME. Scan converter works in parallel with setup engine feeding texture unit with vital information such as fog, specular RGB, and blending data.

The i has a long and storied history that starts at GE Aerospace as part of their flight simulation systems, notable for their construction of the Project Apollo “Visual Docking Simulator” that was used to train Apollo Astronauts to dock the Command Module and Lunar Module.


Also, I could not get first Motoracer bilineary filtered with last driver. No driver updates didn’t help either. Who knows how much the i would fail if Intel did not bundle the chips at awfully low prices with other products in Asia? I don’t think i had particularly bad driver support.

Fold for UnitedGerbilNation, team The AGP Texture concept soon proved to be a tremendous error in design, because the card had to constantly access the textures over a channel that was upwards of eight times slower than RAM placed on the graphics card itself.

It turned out i is not about performance leadership, but mid-range cost effectiveness. In the wake of consumer 3d acceleration Intel decided to develop its own stand alone product competitive with best offerings.

Yes it was a major flop in the market that everyone made fun of, but I’m thinking that Intel could try again using a vastly scaled up verison of their iGPUs, but this time do it right. In spite of this, pundits l740 to agree that its release would have enormous effects on the market.

Its architecture consists of dedicated engines executing in parallel to deliver high performance 3d, 2d and video capabilities. Z-buffer precision was reduced to 16 bit logarithmic.


Remember the Intel !? – TR Forums

Memory bandwidth tests Before anything else I wanted to see impact of main memory intek on this “vampire” AGP texturing card. It was a flop because no gamer would buy one due to its poor performance and wasn’t on the market for long. The upper half displays default settings, below is subpixel AA at work.

Only few i cards made it into wild, making them super rare. In Augustafter less than 18 months on the market, Intel withdrew the i from the market. That link was an eye opener; the AGP version was legitimately faster. Sega intended to use Real3D i74 in Saturn 2 but price seemed too high for a home system.

Intel i740 Graphics

Mon Jun 29, 8: It had acceptable performance for its heyday with its cost. The original Larrabee project comes to mind. However, the i was cancelled before release, and the i was released in limited quantities before it too was withdrawn, having shown only a marginal performance increase over its predecessor. Quality of texture filtering is great just like many other operations.

High parallelism continues in 3d stages.