Can anyone help me with this problem? I posted the link for the dapper howto earlier, which is here again; scroll down to the section beginning with; b rt61 in Dapper Ubuntu 6. Although the ra0 device is seen by knetworkmanager on my kubuntu box, it cannot connect to the router I’m just asking is it possible to control connections with kubuntu or ubuntu networkmanager if I’ll comment out those things after “default” part. If you get anything with rt61pci then then serial monkey drivers should be there.

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When I click on the gva manager icon I don’t get I screen like this: I followed the rest of the guide with no problems, but I can’t seem to get a connection. I’ve followed this How-To, and it seems to have been mostly successful. See this section of the thread linked to below these instructions are for Dapper, but illustrate the problems that using the network tool can have ; Some additional notes: Local Loopback inet addr: I am completely out of ideas.

Using configuration type 1 [ After a few minutes describing the problem I was having the agent indicated that it was the sort of problem that needed to be resolved by an in-game GM and told me that my issue would be forwarded to them for assistance and that I would receive an E-mail with a solution to my problem in a few days. I can ping my wlan router and even ping my gateway hb84510a.


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It was a fresh install. Very busy doing stuff for other people. I use an autologin user that invokes wifi link management using wireless tools and another that runs a music player. Did you configure the ethernet or anything during install? Well, it looks like you’re loading the rt61pci module vg should be blacklisted. I have no real networking experience, not even in windows, because my dad has set up the network.

It takes me all the way to the iwconfig step without problems. Core revision [ I just cannot see him.

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It is off-topic because you are discussing the serialmonkey driver and using wpa supplicant. I am still working on this and trying to figure out what’s causing the issue. If after modprobe rt61 you see ra0 no hf84510a extensions.

Depending on the size of your hard drive this can take quite some time to complete. If it works all is well: Does anyone have a different driver to try, this one just does not seem to work for me. Should be something like rt61 if the file was rt In the case vva RT61 based wireless cards, there are good native drivers.


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I can’t tell you what that thing with eth0 and ra0 is about, but I think your computer tries to connect to your gateway but doesn’t hv8410a which network interface to use. Please, can You vva, how You gat awayfrom “ra0 no wireless extensions. After vendor identify, caps: I got it, but at end I used the one shipped with Dapper.

I am currently at work and don’t have my system to check: I suspect the problem is related to deferred boot-time scripts. Brilliant, have read lots of stuff, and struggled to tie together with my limited linux know-how.

The place that I’m crippling with is the IP and access point.

Yes Default Voice Capture: Maybe you want to post your rt61sta. I had followed everything to the letter but it still said “No wireless extensions” but after I re-booted, it worked just fine. hv84501a