We make sure as earlier that the 6Fire driver kernel module IS in fact loaded. Worthy of mentioning is also the monitor function, over which a signal can be looped through the speaker and the volume can be modified. The targeted group quickly becomes obvious with the connectivity at hand. Colleagues of other media were also satisfied with the external soundcard’s sound quality. Actually I think that the term overdubbing may be premature here because what is being done is listening to a track while recording another.

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Sadly the device did not power down if the laptop was turned of.

It did, however, come twice to sound disruptions with Mac OS X, which could be eliminated by re-inserting. So the 6fire still needed 4. Jsb supplies drivers for Windows including an own mixer and three applications as software.

The measuring results were somewhat poorer with Arta the Audio Analyzer couldn’t cope with the input of the XLR connection.

If your preferences show single-track recording then you might get this: The metal case distributes the developing heat well and got perceivably warm while using the soundcard, but not hot. The analog inputs are build for the Line-level-signals up to 2 ,5 V rms and the typical SNR are db. This will probably be done automatically later but it’s a good idea to have a feel of what to look for when things head south.


The interfaces are allocated on the front and back side and the built-in rubber dial prevents wobbling and has a pleasant haptic. A great way to make sure that you don’t miss anything! The firmware is another story. The advantage is that the 6Fire sends a cleaner signal to the dmx6firw card than the guitar alone would.

The measured power consumption ranged from 4.

Setting up and using a TerraTec DMX-6Fire-USB external soundcard

Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. Subscribe to our newsletter Sign up to our newsletter and receive updates about the latest news, tutorials, interviews and articles on LMP. Ddmx6fire us on Facebook. Colleagues of other media were also satisfied with the external soundcard’s sound quality.

TerraTec SoundSystem DMX 6fire, USB

The card’s sound quality could please in the test and both measuring programs showed an evident improvement in comparison to an integrated HD audio soundcard from Realtek. What impedances and which output voltage do I need for the best performance of the phono input? In addition to this, we also measured the connections on the front. The center sounds a bit fuller and the rear surround channels somewhat muffled. It is auto enabled on hot-plug and the fact will be shown by typing the following into a terminal.

I have not found any so far, except for the ruggedized jobs that cost a fortune! The driver only leads basses with a fixed set crossover frequency.

If you want the effects, like from a sampling amp along the lines of a Fender Mustang, you can output the amp headphone output to one of the 6fire Line-In plugs see above. Use a common acoustic MIC for instruments so equipped.


Aside from the already described problems with notebooks, which have too high latencies, it rarely came to disturbances of the sound output and input permanently distorted during our tests with Max OS X. There is also a driver package for Mac OS X for downloading, which also has an own, minimally restricted mixer. What level can dmx6fier applied to the analog input and what it the typical SNR of the Inputs?

Setting up and using a TerraTec DMX-6Fire-USB external soundcard | Libre Music Production

Can I uplink to other DMX 6fire devices? Two LEDs per connection provide the optical feedback.

Since we’ve just seen that YaST is no shining star we can back up this interdiction by adding in the case of Suse a blacklist entry to the dmx6frie sound cards mine shown: Do not turn it on for anything else. What can I do if the control panel can not access the hardware?

The kernel module i.