This includes system definition, implementation, and testing. We also include the source code for several working examples that you may use as a reference or modify to suit your needs. In the case of No incoming error then perform the operations you want on the reference, passing the wire back out of the case when you re done. You may also import wirelist text back into the internal CableEye format. It isn’t about whether you start outside or inside a loop, it’s about whether you force the slave AI to start before the master AO.

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And I really cant post my code here, maybe I can figure out a similar example.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

For each custom connector, first choose a connector graphic from our large library to match your connector. Labvieq tyk, great to see you again! Message 4 of 7. Attaches to the base of M2U Item U. Additional features include a remote control socket, to be used for either an optional external footswitch Item or for a custom remote control to extend panel indicators, and an accessory socket for a probe or minihook connectors.

Connect a QuickMount Housing that accepts CB boardsor your custom fixtures and adapter cables directly to standard pin latch headers on the front of the unit.

I modified the program as you suggested except point 6 which I did not perform since I need some time to figure out how to do it. When it comes to ciris data driver, each time will need to write digital data to the 4 pixels of the row opened by the cyclic scan1, cigris there any example for this kind of situation?


This software assigns test point numbers to connector types and applies standard pin designations to the pin numbers. The tester comes calibrated with a Certificate of Calibration and measurement data.

We strive to select the best qualified applicant for any opening and to reward employees based on their skills, experience and performance. This is good to know because now that I know it can be done all I have to do is figure out how it is done.

Once the connection is made, audible feedback confirms a proper connection or warns of an error. I mean, if I get the error, could I just pass it away, keep my references lzbview properly keep my code running? Item for v.

ciirris Item Photo The CableEye application software supplied with any tester you purchase requires that the tester be connected to your computer to function.

Will work with most common thermal and impact label printers. Highly recommended for shipping your tester for service as well as for general transportation and storage, this rugged, Pelican case includes a foam-lined compartment for your low voltage CableEye tester up to Item or Item E test points, power module, USB cable, and one or two board sets depending on the board type.

Yes, I got a loop for the connection vi, the problem is, after connected, if I get a new error getting the data, I cant get my references, cause they are all gone. Conveniently store CB connector boards that are not in use. At present, we support files with cirrs and comma-separated fields, or in XML format. Cirris told us other customers of theirs have used this combination but as they do not specificaly use this system they are not sure how to set it up.

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In addition to the electrical test functions provided by the M3U series, you may use the tester for Guided Assembly with our optional AutoBuild software Item The API software includes the development environment for creating custom control screens and integration with external software. They all are of producer consumer architecture doing different tasks like logging and measurement stuff.


All standard CableEye functions scale up to work with the additional test points. Even if there was some kind of fatal flaw with the formatting of your file, LV shouldn’t eat your file.

I find the example — “digital continuous output. Has all of the same features and capabilities of CableEye Model M2U Item U described above, uses the same aluminum case and software, but employs a different electronic design capable of measuring resistance, and thus the quality of connections.

Cables may be scanned to reveal the location of cirriz pairs, if any, and this learned data used to compare against untested cables.

Same as ItemM2U-Basic, but with these additional features: Item Screen Image CableEye stores your custom cable and harness data in its own internal format especially optimized for wire-list searching.

In some cases, you can upgrade your serial port testers to faster, USB testers.

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Finally, enter pin labels of your choice if you wish to override the standard designations. A probe comes with this tester and works with our software to identify unterminated wires. We plan to support other more specialized formats in the future.