So yes, maybe there would be no DIRECT financial gain to Palm or Access from supporting legacy products, but the goodwill such a move would have generated would have been worth the trivial cost of providing the support. Another option would be to create a Launcher X UI or at least provide this as a user-selectable option. You agree to pay these taxes. Any use of the word Palm is for discussion purposes and is a registered trademark of Palm Inc. If you do not have the installation CD you can order one from our website here; Install CDs 2 Download 64 bit driver instructions from the link below. I have the Aceeca drives stored away for the future, but for now am linking to the Shortronics Chris Short page which includes good instructions.

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Driver works great with my Centro and Tungsten WT5. I downloaded the drivers into a folder on my computer called “Downloads”.

Aceeca Releases 64-bit Palm OS Hotsync Drivers

Will be nice to hot sync again! I am hoping there bluetooth and wifi options become available in the near future on one of there newer devices.

An error message occurs. Android fails in most of these aspects. What a rare find!

Setting Up Palm OS Hot syncing with Windows 7 or Vista 64bit

Note that the driver supports most Palm OS versions. I’d like to see Aceeca introduce a refreshed PDA32 in the future perhaps to coincide with the availability of Export Administration Regulations and may be subject to similar laws, regulations, or requirements in other countries. Remember the folder you extracted sceeca to.


Running Windows 7 in XP Mode and hotsyncing with the cable: This is a very important thing to always do when using 6. Any such attempt will be null and void unless otherwise agreed to in a written agreement signed by both you and ACEECA. Unauthorized use or reproduction of content is strictly forbidden. HookJan xceeca, Compliance with the Law. I have a really nice collection of devices that can be pressed into service at whim.

I still use it for a book reader and there devices have acceeca the battery capacity. Download Fileman from Bit’s n Bolts Software. Make sure you have the 16mb unit.

This option is new to us and we will expand on these instructions as we learn more about the process. Makes me seriously consider dumping the Evo for a Centro.

Drivers – Palm Desktop (Aceeca)

Windows Desktop Software – Palm Desktop. Contrary to what many say, the Palm Desktop will work on the new Windows operating systems, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10, with either the 32 or 64 bit OS.


Setup the bit driver following these instructions: The drivers are located here: T o setup hotsyncing on your PC follow these sceeca. If you do not have the installation CD you can order one from our website here; Install CDs 2 Download 64 bit driver biit from the link below.

Thus far, users reports from the community indicate that the older Palm Inc. When time permits, I am going to round up all of the remaining USB Palm OS devices in my stable TX, Treo p, Zire 72 and post my findings as well as any qceeca install or configuration info here in a how-to article.

Drivers – Palm Desktop (Aceeca)

There hase adeeca successful usage by people with these different models of palm that I have seen post on different forums. You will now see the actual file for the shortcut. This provision shall survive the termination of this contract.

They have a vested interest in producing a driver and other software to make there devices more acceptable to there customers.