I have come up empty at some other forums and I took the amp to 2 techs in my town who were stumped. I pulled them and put the 12AX7’s back in, everything back to normal, no idea why they would operate hotter, but it made me uncomfortable with it. So i have a super reverb reissue and that i really like, however one thing i really don’t like is how insensitive the reverb knob is. The reverb control has a linear taper. I know the reverb circuit is virtually free of errors because it follows the Gibson Scout up to the output. You would like to see V or so. Jan 29, 2.

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V1a plate voltage is on the low side, might cause the guitar’s pots to be scratchy. That input impedance makes all the difference. Happy to help as time permits. I want to thank you guys for the help! I jumpered the cap in case it reverrb canceling phase, no dice. You should increase the cathode resistor to 2.

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Will-Jan 30, There’s a coil on the send end which needs to be referenced to ground as does the coil on the receive side. What I revwrb mentioned is that this design is based on a boutique amp which in turn was almost entirely based on the Gibson Scout.

Did I fry something? Could that cause a problem?

It’s the triode where 12xw7 reverb gets blended back in and the combined signal goes on to phase inverter ie. I would have preferred long decay but it’s better to have something than nothing at all!

Signal tracing- the best way to do it is with a sinewave generator and an oscilloscope. The rest of the circuit is the same. R8 and R9 are definitely wired this way in the original circuit! Like a said before, increase the cathode resistor to 2. The voltage divider on the reverb driver grid may or may not be the correct attenuation to prevent overloading this stage, in the trial stages I would recommend using a k pot instead, and adjusting to your prefered value.

Are these in the right ballpark?

Some of what I came up with is from gut shots pics of one of those. Also check for physical damage.


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What AC voltage are you seeing on the grid of v2A? I’ll keep trying to optimize each stage. Have you checked your revverb signal on the send side of the tank yet? So i have a super reverb reissue and that i really like, however one thing i really don’t like is how insensitive the reverb knob is. Checking the reverb recovery circuit with a guitar as a signal generator is a good feverb. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The reverb control has a linear taper.

C1 is pretty much redundant, so I’d eliminate jumper it.

Got any schematics for a 12dw7 reverb? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Natman I am having difficulty reading many of the values on your posted schematic. Jan 30, 6. Get better soon, man. For now, I’m prepared to just use the amp as is.