It would not damage it but it might not sound great. The average loss is dB. Another big reason i wanted to do this was the major price difference between NOS 12ax7’s and 12au7’s. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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And yes, getting all the GT preamp tubes out and old but ‘reliable’ tubes in should help these amps.

Would there any issues with reverg reverb or trem when using these? Im looking to keep the volume on this thing as low as possible. Feb 9, 4. I looked at the Duncan Tube Data pages and learned that pins 1,2 and 3 in these noval tubes like the 12ax7 and 12dw7 are actually Sectin 2 and pins 6,7 and 8 are SEction 1. The average loss is dB.

Tried a 12AU7 in DRRI reverb send…

For experimentingsimply heating the solder eyelet and pulling one end of the capacitor free from the circuit will reveal the change.

A 12AX7 can give you loads of voltage gain, but cannot push much current. Or for BFs, another option reverbb to remove the driver cathode bypass cap. Compare the AB circuits with the Princeton Reverb.


12AU7 in the phase inverter for Fender amps – comments please

There is more than 1 way to skin a cat and revrrb is what is confusing you. This dual triode tube is one half 12au7, one half 12ax7. King FanFeb 10, The usual don’t kill yourself by being shocked statement applies.

Your name or email address: Feb 10, 6. There was some green around the pins that I scraped off and put some contact cleaner on it etc. Now do the same for 12au7 reverb revegb point.

Log in or Sign up. Im wondering what the effect would be on the reverb return and the trem circuit? Changing the reverb tank to a shorter delay can also help. I like the 12su7 of a splashy hard-driven reverb, and I agree the reverb can go from nothing to wipeout within the width of the numeral 3 on the knob, so I’d try first removing the return triode’s cathode capacitor. PS – Cleeve, thanks for the info.

There is never more than reveeb volt or two on these capacitors, so unlike the power supply filters, you needn’t fear them. It is a lower plate resistance than a 12AT7, but much better bandwidth, and passes high tube current like a 12AT7and with the right amount of bias, can comfortably run into the same sort of transformer reflected load as a 12AT7 and it has lower gain than a 12AT7.



Feb 10, 9. Johnny CacheFeb 11, The Amp Garage A tube amp builder’s community Skip to content.

Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. There is a tube with a12ax7 on one side and a 12au7 on the other some guys use in that spot. The loudness of an amp is pushed by the output stage, the amount of tone and drive you get is what the preamp stage gives you.

12AU7 for reverb driver in BF/SF Fenders?

Given that, I also found a 12ay7 in reverb recovery tamed verb nicely. 12au77 find AUs by the hundreds in old organs and tone generators and such. The circuit would run a 12AU7 way over the max limiting plate voltage, and it would run very hot, especially with an SF era ohm bias resistor. Feb 9, 2.